What to wear on an escort date?

JoinIf you are new in this profession, you must have a lot of questions. First of them is what to wear on an escort date. Some clients may ask for the sexiest outfit possible. but best is to avoid that anyone who sees you identify you as an escort.

So the question is how can you make a balance between the clothes you feel comfortable in public versus the sexy outfit which is requested by the clients? The balance is not as difficult as you think, the key is to combine the sexy and classy and create the perfect look. But here is the tips you have been waiting for:

Coats and Jackets are your new best friends. If you have a fitting coat on, you can wear a more attractive top. Wearing a classy coat makes you elegant and sophisticated while you can be sexy and provocative under it. Focus on jackets and coats which are multi-faceted from time-to time and you can worn both casually or even dressy.

You also need to consider that the dress what you wearing need to be easy to take off. Buttons or several straps wont make undressing an easy thing. Clients usually likes the dress which can be easily slip off. If your dress is complicated and there are several layers on, yours client can easily be frustrated. The best thing to do is to choose a dress which can get on and off one handed.

If you want to real your real outfit, you can also use scarves. The lucky thing is, that you can use all kind of scarves right now. Let me give you an example: if you are wearing a low-cut blouse, you can easily hide it with a scarf. Even more, scarves can be sexy at the bedroom too! You can use it to tie up your partner or you can titillate him. Also if you don't wear it under the date outside, you can take it at your purse and surprise him when you are at the room. It can also used for hiding the little splashes, too..

Very important: you need to wear sexy lingerie under your clothes. This is the request of the clients and this can also helps you to get in the good mood and make your performance better. It doesn't matter where you need to travel to meet client, it is easy to wear sexy lingerie, because nobody will see it but your partner. Even more, you will surprise him if you are elegant outside and naughty underneath the dress.

Be yourself as much as you can!

Clothes on an escort date

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