Escort Friendly Hotels in Budapest

Hotels in which companions for the night can be brought in without hassles and preferably without additional costs, are escort friendly hotels.

In most cases hotel management will obligingly look the other way if you arrive with a new friend. But there are a few hotels out there that, for whatever reason, don’t condone this kind of behavior. Usually at the reception.they are not discrete towards the escort visiting the guest.

In some hotels there are different ways to get to the elevators and you don't have to walk always through the reception. If so, it's quite easy to take a girl in your room without anyone noticing it. You can always ask the hotel staff that is it OK to bring guests to your room. You don’t have to be explicit. Just ask about the unregistered guest policy. They’ll understand the question, and you won’t be the first to have asked. Sometimes even if the hotel is not guest friendly you might be able to tip the reception worker to turn a blind eye for your action.

Unlike other cities, in Budapest most hotels are usually very escort friendly and open to female guests late in the night. The only condition is that the escort to wear a decent attire as possible. Here is a list of Budapest hotels that allow you to bring your escort back to the room without joiner fee, extra charges or any hassle.