Budapest Escort Guide

Where do you take your escort date in Budapest

Budapest often is called as ”Paris of the East” and ”Queen of the Danube” or the ”Pearl of the Danube”, Budapest sits at the crossroads of West and East exuding a combination of the modern and the exotic.

Here are some suggestions on what (else) to do with your escort in Budapest:

1. Ride TukTuk with your escort.

  • Budapest TukTuk
  • Budapest TukTuk
  • Budapest TukTuk
  • Budapest TukTuk
TukTuk is a city cabriolet, which guarantees a more intimate and bohemian way of sightseeing. The beauty of this attraction is that because the tuk-tuks are classified as motorbikes and can access places that other vehicles can’t. You can reserve a tuk tuk in advance by phone or by email. If you insist our escort can book for you. Tuk tuks can be ordered to any place within the heart of the city.

2. Take a your escort date to romantic cruise

  • Budapest Romantic Cruise
  • Budapest Cruise
  • Budapest Cruise
  • Budapest Romantic Cruise

Take a your escort date to romantic cruise on the river Danube, be entertained by live music, and marvel the sight of the Pest Hills with its panoramic views. Imagine gently drifting upon a glassy river while you sip wine, eat, and enjoy the endless beauty of the night sky. Accompanied by dinner and dancing beneath the stars you will have an enjoyable and intimate time.

3. Explore Margaret island

  • Holdudvar Restaurant Budapest
  • Margaret Island Musical Fountain
  • Margaret Island Budapest
  • Budapest Margaret Island

Margaret island is situated in the center of the river, passing through Budapest. is a welcoming green oasis in the heart of Budapest and one of the most romantic place for couples with its musical fountain and the centuries-old trees. The best romantic way to see the island is to hire one of the many pedal carriages available, which give you the freedom to explore without the strain. One of the best places for a drink or some food is the restaurant Holdudvar, which is open all day and night and has excellent food and a great choice of cocktails.

4. A romantic meal is a great way to spend time with your escort date.

  • Romantic Dinner Budapest
  • Fisherman-Bastion-Restaurant
  • Budapest Romantic Restaurant
  • Budapest Gypsy Music

There’s no better way to break the ice than dinner at fantastic restaurant with suitably intimate atmosphere. The key is finding locations where you can cuddle up side-by-side, sip lots of wine and get really, really comfortable. We’ve rounded up what we think are the most romantic Restaurants in Budapest and compiled them into this little list.

5. Intimate Time in Thermal Baths

  • Szecheny Thermal Baths Budapest
  • Thermal Baths Budapest
  • Szecheny Thermal Baths
  • Budapest Thermal Baths

You can spend some intimate time and enjoy the hot waters of the Romantic and steamy Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Szechenyi Spa Baths in Budapest is one of the best and largest spa baths in Europe with its 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools. Szechenyi Bath is more then 100 years old and it is one of the biggest natural hot spring spa baths in Europe. It might seem confusing when you arrive, but all you need to know is to take your own towel, rent a locker to put your clothes in and then make sure you don’t lose your key!

6. Labyrinth of Buda Castle

  • Labyrinth Buda Castle Budapest
  • Budapest Labyrinth Buda Castle
  • Labyrinth of Buda Castle Budapest
  • Budapest Labyrinth of Buda Castle

The Labyrinth is situated in the complex of caves and cellars beneath Castle Hill. Labyrinth served as a shelter and hospital during World War II, Turks also used it back in the 16th century, mainly for military purposes and part of the Labyrinth was also used as a harem. In the 15th century part of the Labyrinth was a prison and it's most famous prisoner was Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula. It might not seem like the most romantic of places in the world, but don’t be scared of the wonderful and totally original Labyrinth of Buda Castle. if you’re looking for something chilling to bring you closer together then look no further than the labyrinth.

7. Explore The Fisherman's Bastion

  • Romantic Fishermans Bastion
  • Fishermans Bastion Budapest
  • Budapest Fishermans Bastion
  • Fishermans Bastion Budapest

The Fisherman's Bastion is one of the most famous sights and the most romantic places of Budapest. Its stone benches became one of the most favorite places for loving couples. The Bastion consists of six white stone towers with stairways and corridors with multiple openings overlooking the Danube and its bridges, the Parliament, St Stephen's Basilica and all of Pest. There is a restaurant with terraces open from 10 am.

8. Party all night

If you have energy you can bring your escort for dancing and clubbing until dawn, Budapest nightlife has all these for you, at an affordable price. Budapest will dazzle you with its wide variety of clubs, and bars.